First day training Karate

I just heard my friend talking about this free training, I got interested when she said it was about martial arts. Since I’m a huge anime fan, I instantly brighten up and instantly thought ‘this is my chance to be like my favorite anime characters!’ 

Because of my excitement, I shoved the person she was talking with and excitedly asked her “Where is it? The free martial arts training?” She was really stunned for a minute because of what I just did, but since she knew me quite well, so she just dismissed it like usual.


She explained to me that it will be hard, that the instructor would train my body and also stretch it. However in my excitement, I just agree and agree even though the words she just said didn’t actually registered inside my brain.

So when the actual training start all I can say is I’m in hell.


After the training, my muscle ache. No! to be exact my body is in pain, so it’s no wonder that the next morning I can’t walk because of the pain. 


Anyway, since I am determined to learn the martial arts I keep on coming back to the Dojo in order to train, and as time pass by my body got used to it and so it doesn’t hurt anymore.


Now, that I know some self-defense somehow I also gain some courage. Maybe you should also try training, to have a perfectly healthy body.